Wednesday, 30 October 2013

How NOT to write to casting directors. CAUTION contains humour.

After publishing this comedy post on my facebook wall and on an actors group on facebook I was pleasantly surprised at how much positive response it received I decided to revive my blog with it. The piece is meant purely for humour and no I did not send the following letter to casting directors. If I make you chuckle my mission is accomplished.

What happens when I attempt to write to casting directors. I rebel and write this instead:

Dear Mr/Mrs/Miss Casting director,

You know why I'm writing and I know why I'm writing so let's stop beating around the bush. Here's my face. Look at it. Note: high cheekbones. They are in at the moment. Real life example Benedict Cumberbatch. Here is my showreel. Cheekbones in action. I would say I'm brilliant but we all know actors have bags of self doubt. Also note massive eyes. They look great on screen. Here's a list of my previous work that you won't really read. So if you found this vaguely amusing throw an audition my way. 

Annina Kaski 

I wish letters like these actually worked.

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