Sunday, 16 October 2011

Fangtasia London

As I did the daily perusal of Facebook, an update by Fangtasia London, a group I am a member of reminded me of my birthday last month. As I was approaching a benchmark age (25!) I decided that I wanted a night of celebrations I wouldn’t forget. For weeks I was in despair since I couldn’t think of a suitably special way to celebrate but by chance one day I stumbled over the Fangtasia London Facebook group. Fangtasia seduced me with its promises of True Blood inspired events filled with costumes, gothic music, performances and alcoholic True Blood drinks. As a lover of vampires, a huge fan of the True Blood television series and the Charlaine Harris books I had made my choice. I sent out invites and waited for the weekend of my birthday.
Finally it was the time to dust of the steel-boned corset and Victorian skirt from the back of the wardrobe and let my goth side rule. Carefully applying dramatic make up, putting on my corset with more than a little help from my better half, Skywalker, whose complaints about rope burn were the only thing deterring my excitement, we were ready. Skywalker himself looked edible in a 19th century inspired gothic outfit with an embroidered jacket, boots and blood red satin ruffle shirt and his long curly hair tied back in resemblance of Louis from Interview with a Vampire. He even adorned some vampire fangs.    
We met our friends at the Resistance Gallery and I couldn’t help but feel a bit underwhelmed. The setting wasn’t nearly as spacious as I had envisioned while reading about the event. The bar was just a selection of random bottles and the only True Blood bottles to be seen were empty ones apparently only for show. Despite that we stayed at the Resistance for the rest of the night. The music was amazing. I fell in love with the DJ’s choices, they created the perfect atmosphere and made me wish the set would be played in all clubs.
The evening’s entertainment included a fire breathing/burlesque act and a bondage act. The performances were truly awe-inspiring. During the evening I met individuals who, if rumors are to be believed, drink human blood with the both partners consent. None such activities took place at the event. This is where it gets a bit too much for me. Each to their own but count me out. That is where I draw the line between fantasy and reality. I can't see it being enjoyable or of any use. 
So how was my birthday? It wasn't what I expected and I did go home feeling slightly disappointed. Only a handful of the people I had invited had shown up and I felt Fangtasia London had been boastful and a bit imaginative with their description of the event. I am still waiting for my alcoholic True Blood drink. But I must say I have had much more disastrous nights out. I think I need to go to their next event and then report back. Here is Fangtasia London's blog for the curious among you.

                            My girls and I all vamped up

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