Wednesday, 19 October 2011

The high of a successful audition.

I had an audition today for a pantomime that is going to be performed during Christmas. It is not the best part in the world but it is one further step in my career and actually performing in front of an audience and the best bit: it's a PAID gig. I left the audition feeling great. I think I gave a great audition, something I have been struggling with ever since I graduated from drama school. To celebrate this I started writing my own list of tips on succeeding in auditions. I will post this list tomorrow as I am struggling to stay awake. Tomorrow my lovelies you will witness my first ever tips and tricks blog post. I'm quite excited.

Oh I nearly forgot the best bit of the role I auditioned for. She's a villain. The evil stepmother. *rubs hands in excitement* If the snippets of the script I read are anything to go by I will immensely enjoy this part! (fingers crossed I get it). I do love playing villains!

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